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The Naming of America

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This book features the first sheet-by-sheet facsimile of the 1507 World Map by Martin Waldseemuller--one of the most important maps in the history of cartography and the first map ever to display the name America. It tells the fascinating story behind the map's creation in 16th-century France and rediscovery 300 years later in the library of Wolfegg Castle, Germany, in 1901. It also includes a completely new translation and commentary to Martin Waldseemuller and Matthias Ringmann's seminal cartographic text, the Cosmographiae Introductio, which originally accompanied the World Map. Waldseemuller maps are on view in our Exploring the Early Americas exhibit.Written by John Hessler.

Published by D Giles Limited, in association with the Library of Congress. Hardcover, 7.5" x 9"; 128 pages with 40 color illustrations.

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