• Seventh Child: A Family Memoir

Seventh Child: A Family Memoir

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No other book about Malcolm X offers such enlightenment on the man who was not just a great leader, but a beloved brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, father, husband, and friend. As politically relevant today as he was during his lifetime, Malcolm X also remains a controversial figure alternately mythologized and misunderstood.

Ella Little Collins saw her brother Malcolm through some of the most significant times of his life, and knew him better than anyone else. Here she shares her poignant, vivid memories of him. Told to her son, Rodnell, to whom Malcolm was a much-loved uncle and mentor, 
Seventh Child contains haunting, bitter, as well as joyful recollections, and deeply personal insights. Written by Rodnell P. Collins and A. Peter Bailey. Paperback; 256 pages.