• Nos Prometieron La Gloria

Nos Prometieron La Gloria

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In 1932, the Collignon brothers, belonging to one of the most influential families in Jalisco, Mexico, travel to Germany to complete their education. Upon arrival in Berlin, they note that the country is uneasy about Adolf Hitler's imminent rise to power. The brothers along with a group of companions with whom they make up a football team enter the Hitler Youth, seduced by the patriotic messages of the Nazis, among them are Ernest and Ritter, two of their best friends.

After the return of the Collignon brothers to their native country, Germany for its part, begins a growing pressure on Europe, which will end at the beginning of World War II. The lives of Ernest and Ritter are separated by the war, until in the summer of 1943, an unexpected encounter unites them, but this time under different conditions, each one is part of the opposition... triggering a series of events that test true friendship, loyalty, and life itself. Written by Mario Escobar. Paperback; 320 pages.