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Women Win the Vote!: 19 for the 19th Amendment

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On August 18, 1920, women in the United States secured their right to vote with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution. Their fight for suffrage took decades of campaigning and marching, protesting and picketing, speeches and imprisonments. Millions of women across the country gave their all to achieve victory. From Lucretia Mott, who stoked the first flames of the suffrage movement in the 1800s, to Alice Paul, the militant twentieth-century suffragist who helped clinch ratification, Women Win the Vote! maps the road to the Nineteenth Amendment through the lives of nineteen of these fierce and courageous women who paved the way. This vibrant collection celebrates the one hundredth anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment and the daring individuals who upended tradition to empower future generations of women. 20 black-and-white photographs; 40 illustrations. Written by Nancy B. Kennedy. Illustrated by Katy Dockrill. Hardcover; 128 pages.

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