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Seeing the World Anew

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Among the prized collections in the Library of Congress are two enormous maps, one dated 1507 and the other 1516, that dared to show the world in ways it had never been seen before. On the 1507 map were an ocean that hardly anyone knew and a huge island that no one -- including Columbus -- had ever placed correctly. And a name for that island, never seen on any map before:  America. That was just the start of the radical re-visioning of the world on these rarest of artifacts, both lost for almost 400 years, each surviving in just a single copy. For map lovers, history buffs, and thoughtful observers of the shifts that propel knowledge forward, here is a singular treasure, told by two leading authorities and replete with ancient images. Our book features the largest-ever authorized reproductions of these priceless maps, both in bound single sheets and pocketed foldout composites. 14 x 11.2 x 0.9 inches.