• Leather Apron Book Club

Leather Apron Book Club

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When Billy's father Benjamin Franklin announces that Billy and his lazy cousin James will soon have a tutor, Billy is . . . not thrilled. His tutor is up to the challenge. Billy is thrilled to discover that books are full of adventure and that stories can change the world. When Billy accompanies his father to the Leather Apron Club, he's inspired to do more with his education and his life.

Co-founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1727, not only was the Club the first successful lending library in the United States—it also exists to this day as the Library Company of Philadelphia! Careful readers will notice that the story cleverly incorporates famous sayings from Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack, emphasizing the lasting impact of words. Written by Jane Yolen. Illustrated by Wendell Minor. Hardcover; 32 pages.