• Better with Books

Better with Books

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Needed now more than ever: a guide that includes 500 reading recommendations for preteens and teens with the goal of inspiring greater empathy for themselves, their peers, and the world around them.
As middle-school and high school students are diagnosed with anxiety and depression in increasing numbers, or dealing with other issues that can isolate them from family and friends—such as bullying, learning disabilities, racism, or homophobia—characters in books can help them feel less alone. And just as important, reading books that feature a diverse range of real-life topics helps generate openness, empathy, and compassion in 
all kids. Reading lists are organized around topics, including:

* Adoption and foster care
* Body image
* Immigration and diversity
* Learning challenges
* LGBTQIA+ youth
* Mental health
* Nature and environmentalism
* Physical disability
* Poverty and homelessness
* Race and ethnicity
* Religion and spirituality

Written by Melissa Hart. Paperback; 304 pages.