• Our State Map of New Hampshire
  • Our State Map of New Hampshire

Our State Map of New Hampshire

$ 40.00

Our State Map, State and Province of New-Hampshire in New England, taken from actual surveys of all the inhabited part, and from the best information of what is uninhabited, together with the adjacent countries, which exhibits the theatre of this war in that part of the world. Originally published by Col. Blanchard and the Revd. Mr. Langdon. Engraved by Thomas Jefferys. With many additions by Abel Sawyer., 1784. The original map is in the collections of the Library’s Geography and Maps Division.  Our  high-resolution giclee print is available on photo quality paper 250 gsm and on stretched canvas.  Your image will not be retouched—folds, creases and identification marks are native to the original material from our collections and will appear on this reproduction.  We have carefully selected a wooden frame option that beautifully complements the image. 


NOTE: The image will appear slightly smaller than the finished paper size indicated.