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Les Misérables

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Les Misérables is a magnificent, sweeping story of revolution, love and the will to survive set amidst the poverty stricken streets of nineteeth-century Paris. Escaped convict Jean Valjean turns his back on his criminal past to build his fortunes as an honest man. He takes in abandoned orphan Cosette and raises her as his own daughter. But Jean Valjean is unable to free himself from his previous life and is pursued to the end by ruthless policeman Javert. As Cosette grows up, young idealist Marius catches a glimpse of her and falls desperately in love. The fates of all the characters await them during the violent turmoil of the June Rebellion in 1832.

Bound in real cloth, printed on high quality paper, and featuring ribbon markers and gilt edges. This abridged version of  the 1915 masterpiece provides  a unified story of the life and soul-struggles of Jean Valjean. Written by Victor Hugo. Hardcover, 457 pages.


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