Explorers Emigrants Citizens: A Visual History of the Italian-American Experience from the Collections of the Library of Congress

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The authors of this stunning volume have selected 500 images related to the rich history of Italian Americans from the Library of Congress's holdings of photographs, maps, posters, letters, films, and sound recordings. The book’s informative text is supported by never-before-seen images and offers a fresh and original perspective on the experience of Italians in America, from Columbus through today. It highlights the accomplishments of well known individuals such as Fiorello LaGuardia, Vince Lombardi, and Martin Scorsese, and goes deeper to rediscover people such as Giacomo Beltrami, who reached the source of the Mississippi in 1823, and Joe Petrosino, the first Italian American police officer to lose his life fighting organized crime. Through these rich images and fascinating stories, the 500-year history of Italians in America jumps off the pages of this compelling book.

Written by Paolo Battaglia and Linda Barrett Osborne with a forward by Martin Scorsese, co-published by Anniversary Books and the Library of Congress.  Hardcover, 320 pages, 9.8" x 12"

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